How do you fit over 30 years of photography into a website?


professional photographer with over a 35 year career can amass terabytes of images in addition to miles of 35mm (and other sizes) of celluloid film. The task at hand was to present a broad collection of images that represented the various facets of the photographic business up front, while providing in depth representation within the categories. This coupled with an extensive content review and a clean white background created a “traditional” gallery setting, allowing black & white and color images to “pop” on the page. In addition, the site is quick to load and easy to navigate.

Smart Phone

The site is fully responsive to handheld devices, is search engine optimized, has an admin panel which allows the owner the ability to update, add, rearrange and modify content easily and efficiently. A drawer effect allows the navigation to remain visible as a header while the content scrolls under and a tab effect manages the page real estate containing videos of various social events.