Making Sense of Digital Marketing

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At Prospect Marketing we develop marketing strategies for businesses. Recently we’ve seen a spike in the professional services sector mostly to discuss, decipher and clarify the meaning behind digital marketing jargon and what it actually means to them in regards to traditional marketing.  One of the most misunderstood concepts are Inbound and Outbound marketing and how they work with each other.

A few years back, Digital Marketing companies were pushing SEO (search engine marketing) as the panacea to all issues concerning a business web presence. However, what most of them were peddling was SEM (search engine marketing). Whats the difference? SEM is paid search words and phrases where costs can add up very quickly and sometimes with little result. SEO is thoughtful and precise content and programming management and works in concert with Google algorithms. In SEO, the client is paying for experienced digital marketing from a seasoned professional.

The above scenarios are both are generally considered Inbound, however, one plays a dual role. In the SEM example one is using keywords and phrases to attract new leads, customers, subscribers, whatever the specific goal. Be that as it may, in SEO the keywords are not purchased, but programmed and these work in concert with an Outbound marketing strategy.

Outbound Marketing is how you communicate with your exiting customer base and maintain meaningful relationships, whether through education or creating a buying decision. This is achieved through new creative content development in the form of graphics, copy and video. The truth is, in todays crowded and busy digital marketplace professional services need to focus on both. A single website is no longer enough.

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