The Process to Good SEO

We have many clients who come to us asking how they can get their web sites to result higher on google search. Many have heard the term SEO (search engine optimization) but are not necessarily up-to-date on what it takes to have a site that comes up in the top 10 for a particular search.

For us to do this successfully, it’s a multi-pronged procedure. We hear clients bring up SEO, an organic return process, when in fact they are looking for SEM (search engine marketing) which is a paid search result. Each has its merit and success.

Obviously, first comes the website itself comes under review. What is the programming language? Is it open source software, proprietary, third party e-commerce or SaaS (software as a service). In english…Was the site built using drag and drop service like WIX or Squarespace? Was it built using a more sophisticated content management like WordPress or Drupal? Each of these have their own unique ways of being indexed by google and some are better than others.

On occasion, we come across a site built on a platform which is perfect for SEO, but the developer choose to “hack the software” to make a custom site. Sorry folks, this is a NO NO! So, before we embark of a marketing campaign we advise our clients on the existing structure of their site and if its current iteration helps or hinders achieving their desired SEO goal.

Getting highly ranked by Google takes commitment and time. We start the process with our clients by walking them through each step we take, providing a task outline and timeline. In addition, we find out if they’re looking for just pure organic search results or paid results. Are they looking for new customers, more page views or greater repeat users? Finally, how have they integrated their social media? From these inquiries and others we devise a robust Outbound and Inbound marketing plan.

How is your site performing? Give us a ring to discuss how we can help your business raise its profile and ranking on the web and google search.